Books in Japanese
World War I and Imperial Japanese Navy:Relations
between Military
(Operation & Diplomacy)Keio University Press,1998
Guide Book of Military Affairs
Kaya Shobo,1999 (Editor & Writer)

Anglo-Japanese Alliance
PHP Press,2000 (Writer)

The History of Anglo-Japanese Relations,1600-2000(Military Dimension)
Tokyo University Press,2001 (Editor & Writer)

Combined Fleet of Imperial Japanese Navy
Jitsugyo no Tomo Sha, 2002 (Editor & Writer)
Battleship Yamato
Kodansha, 2003 (Writer)

Japan, North Korea and International Relation of the Northeast Asia
(Akashi Shobo 2003)(Editor and Writer)

"Security of North East Asia from a Historical and Geopolitical View"
The Impact of the Russo-Japanese War to the World History

Books and pepars in English
Reluctant Allies:German-Japanese Naval Relations in World War II
US Naval Institute Press,2002 (Co-Writer)

The History of Anglo-Japanese Relations,1600-2000(Military Dimension)
London:Palgrave-Macmillan,2003 (Editor and Writer)
The Philippine Independence War(1896-98) Independence and Riots(Warsow:Institute of the Polish Military History,1995)

"Rising Sun in the Mediterranean:The Second Special Squadron,1917-1918"Il Mediterraneo quale Elemento del Potere Maritimo(Roma:Ufficio Storico della Marina Militare, 1998))

Paper in German Paper in Chinese
"Die Einflusse von Sun Tzu und Tosenkyo in der Kaiserlichen Japanishen Marine: Rationalismus und Emotionalismus in Zweiten Weltkrieg"Seemacht und Seestrategie im 19 und 20 Jahrhundert Militargeschichtliches ForschungsanHamburg:Verlag E.S.Mittler & Sohn,2000
北京:長征出版社、 1992年 461-471頁
Influence of Sun Tzu on Imperial Japanese Navy
Selected Papers of the 21st International Sun Tzu Conference, Beging,1992),461-471
Paper in Korean Book in English
Guide Book for Military Affairs
Soul:Heju Publisher,1999 (Editor and Writer)
The Anglo-Japanese Alliance 1902-1922 RourtegdeCurzon
Stidies in the Modern History of Asia
(Rourtegde Curzon, 2004)
Book in Japanese Book in Japanese
Anglo-Japanese Alliance(Revosed)
Kadokawa Publishing Co.

The Japanese War,Reconsidered from ISM
Monreism,Communisim ans Asianism(Kinseisha-2014)

Paper in Japanese Encyclopedia & etc Japanese & English
Triple Alliance:German-Italy and Japanese Alliance:View Point from Imperial Navy and Cominterun)(Kinseisha,2013)

The Encyclopedia of World War I(SantaBarbara,ABC-Clio,2005)11items
The Encyclopedia of Warld War
The Encyclopedia of Cold War(Santa Barbar,ABC-Clio,2007)8items