Yoichi Hirama : Biography

Name:Yoichi Hirama    Birth Day:14 May 1933
Current Position
Lecturer,National Institute for Defense Study
(Naval Strategy)
JMSDF Staff College(Naval History and Geopolitics)
JGSDF Staff College(Naval Strategy)
Past Position
Rear Admiral
(Maritime Self-Defense Force:Navy/Retired 1988)
Professor, Director of Library of National Defense Academy
(Retired 1998)
Lecturer, Tsukuba University
(International Relations/Retired 2002)
Lecturer, Tokiwa University
(Japanese History/Retired 2003)

1956 : Graduate National Defense Academy
1959-60 : French Osaka Foreign Language College
1969-70 : Maritime Self-Defense Force Staff College
1976-77 : Joint Staff College
1996 : Doctor Degree from Keio University
1957 : Entered Maritime Self-Defense Force(Navy)
1968-9 : Commanding Officer of Frigate Chitose
1970-71 : Division Commander of the No.32 Escort Division
1973 : Retired as Rear Admiral
and assigned Professor of theNational Defense Academy
1998 : Retired from National Defense Academy
Social Activities(Present)

Chief of Advisory Committee of Maritime Museum of Kure-cityiBattleship Yamato Museum@
Adviser of the Journal of the Pacific Society
Adviser of Military History of Japan
Director of Naursing home KOJIEN
Social and Academic Activites(Past)
Chief of Advisory Committee of Maritime Museum Yokosuka-city
Chief Editor of History of Yokosuka(Military volume)
Researcher, Institute for International Policy Studies

Member of Advisory Committee of the Anglo-Japanese History